Nova Pilates

Our Commitment


Whether you are a Fitness aficionado or a complete novice, you will find a home at Nova Pilates. Here we commit ourselves to providing clients with quality instruction based in educated expertise and professional experience of our certified instructors.

We approach each client with consideration of their present health, injuries, and developmental physical challenges. No challenge is unapproachable. Every person is unique, we therefore analyze each client in order to obtain a better understanding of their condition. We can create a personalized program focused on realigning their body’s tensegrity.

The work does not begin and end in the studio. Clients receive homework consisting of exercises to build and maintain strength, coordination, proprioception and to re-pattern habitual motion behavior. We don’t lose bad habits: we change bad habits for better ones, until we only have good habits left.

Nova Pilates offers a wide variety of classes. You can schedule a private, a duet, or attend a group class.

Be well.